1. Beautify Your Backyard

    What would happen if your house was lifted from your yard by an alien spaceship. Simply raised up off of the ground like a hot-air balloon and off to a distant world, where cats are in charge. Sounds terrifying doesn't it? All of your neighbors will finally be able to see what your back yard really looks like. The lack of landscaping, the dead leaves, a statue of a cherub and a garden gnome. There would be nothing that you could do about it; because you and your family would be planting catnip in a feline-run day-camp for human companions on a planet far from our own All Is Possible So let’s say, for the sake of argument, that your neighbors did actually have free access to your backyard. For some, the backyard is like that one closet, packed full of stuff you would never show your guests. Dr. Green Thumb is here to make sure that, if your home is abducted, your backyard matches the be…Read More