Founded by Shane Varnell, Dr. Green Thumb began as a dream in early childhood.  Shane began by mowing lawns around Stillwater, Oklahoma to earn spending money. While attending Oklahoma State University, Shane ran a small landscaping business, offering  niche services of landscape installation and maintenance at local doctors’ offices.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, Shane accepted a position with Sewell Automotive Company in Dallas, TX. While there, he led a very successful career in sales and finance. In the seven years with Sewell, Shane received extensive training in the art of customer service, an education that would prove invaluable as the owner of Dr. Green Thumb Landscapes.

Despite a thriving career, Shane developed a strong desire to own and operate his own full-service landscaping company. With his childhood dream clearly in focus, Shane decided to move his family back to Oklahoma. In the spring of 2007, he realized his dream, and as Dr. Green Thumb, now fulfilling his passion for the outdoors, horticulture and creative design. Shane brings artistic talent, a love for the business and the intense desire to ensure every customer is completely satisfied.

In addition to being a passionate family man, proud father of two boys (ages 12 and 14) and a dedicated football coach for the Deer Creek Optimist little league football team; Shane applies the same values he teaches his team and children to his core business philosophy. Values like hard work, honesty, integrity, and going beyond what is expected. Shane has been happily married for 17 years to his wife Natalie, also an Oklahoma State graduate. Natalie manages everything that happens INDOORS at Dr. Green Thumb Landscapes. She is also an active real estate agent with Keller Williams Elite.